What's happened to Kalakaua Avenue?

December 28th, 2010

After going through a $115-million renovation, the Royal Hawaiian Center is ready for it's grand open house celebration, with it's new look, a new focus.

The main feature is the royal grove, 30-thousand square feet of trees and some native plants, designed with cultural elements. The idea is to promote the center as much more than a place to shop. Even the name changed from royal hawaiian shopping center to Royal Hawaiian Center.


It might not seem like it when you're in Waikiki. There are lots of people walking on the streets, hanging out on the beach. But state numbers show visitors arrivals are down. A 17.3% drop in visitors this past August compared to last. Arrivals from the west coast plunged 24.2%, the largest drop on record. Statewide, tourism revenue is down $206.9 million for the month of August.


awai'i's visitor arrivals plunged last month — again — with a 17.3 percent drop from last August, not counting cruise passengers.
The double-digit plummet and continuing decline in the state's No. 1 industry could fuel more worries about the economy.

The worst news came from a traditionally strong source of visitors — the U.S. West — which posted its biggest decline on record, down 24.2 percent, according to the August report by the state Department of Business, Economic Development and Tourism.

7 Responses to “What's happened to Kalakaua Avenue?”

  1. oldshoes:

    Sure seems like alot of people when i'm sitting in traffic. Hi Cat! Hope you're doing okay. At least this new center should be nice and clean.Wish the same could be said for Chinatown.That rodent problem sure gave all off Hawaii a black eye.All people,tourists and locals alike need to know that places are safe,clean,& rodent free.

  2. oldshoes:

    typo.should be 'all OF Hawaii' .ack. just thinking of those buggahs gives me the willys.

  3. Ynaku:

    Whoa, been a while since I went to that shopping center and I was just around the corner last month. Guess the condo was better :P

    I hope they can get some action over there to draw the people. Put out some incentive so the local people come into Waiks. Free Parking, shows, Kamaaina discounts etc etc etc.

  4. M:

    Good morning Cat!

    I haven't been to Waiks in a while except for the baech. I should check it out and play tourist.

  5. Makiki:

    The Royal Hawaiian Center is a nice place to visit. I go there for dinner/shopping every once in a while and it makes me kinda feel like I am on vacation. Just another dimension to Hawaii that shouldn't be overlooked. BTW - parking is free if you eat or purchase something.

    Alan from Makiki

    PS. Did I miss something here? Is this going to be a regular venue for you?

  6. Makiki:

    OK so now that I look at the other dates it makes sense.

  7. M:

    Hello Cat!
    Strange that the 4 comments are a year old.