Trend: girls dressing like strippers

August 16th, 2010

(Sorry this was late. I've been sick most of the weekend and took some cough medicine that knocked me out. I woke up at the late-for-me hour of 7 a.m.!)


Earlier this month pop icon Madonna and her daughter, Lourdes, unveiled their new clothing line — Material Girl — aimed at girls.

While the launch lured Madonna fans and fashionistas of all ages, some wonder if this new line is feeding the trend of girls dressing a bit too old for their age.

As the writer of New York Magazine put it, when describing the new line: "Older women are dressing younger" and "young girls are dressing older," (but) "no one knows quite what to wear."

But Salon calls out the trend for what it is: girls dressing like strippers.

"The phenomenon of adolescent girls trying to look like adults is hardly a new one, and the results of said attempts have always been smashingly awkward. Such is adolescence. But Morris suggests that today's young girl/older woman "role reversal can present particular confusion." And, apparently, kids aren't the only ones confused by it."

See an interview with Madonna about her new line.

You've seen it: girls not even in high school wearing tight — we call them "skinny" — jeans and cut-off tops, sometimes with bras we (women) know are a bit too full for their age. The classic example is when Britney Spears, still a teenager, performed in a fetching school-girl outfit in her first video, "... Baby One More Time."

Watch the video here

I don't remember dressing provocatively when I was younger — heck, I don't even do that now! — and actually dealt more with negative body issues than flaunting what I didn't think I had to begin with.

And maybe I'm getting older — yes, I said it — and I'm looking at these young girls with the filter my parents had when they saw me get ready to go out.

So what do you think: girls dressing too provocatively? Or are we just being too close-minded about today's fashion?


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34 Responses to “Trend: girls dressing like strippers”

  1. M:

    Hello Cat!

    My daughter is 23 and I wouldn't let her dress like that for sure!

  2. rayboyjr:

    :D :D :D :D :D Good Morning Everyone!!! :D :D :D :D :D

    ... hey Cat ... I'm a bit confused by your question ... are we just talking about young girls dressing provocatively??? ... or girls or women of any age??? ...

    ... if we're talking about young girls ... teens, pre-teens ... then absolutely no way should they be dressing that way ... maybee I'm a bit conservative, old-fashioned ... but the only time I'd think it's ok for a young girl to dress that way ... if it was at home ... in mom's clothes ... with high heels and lipstick ... oh, I'm assuming mom has hoochie clothes in her closet ...

    ... but if we're talking about adult women ... at any age of adulthood (20's 30's 40's and up) ... then who am I to say what they should or should not dress like ... not sayin' I agree with it ... not sayin' that I don't like it either ...

    ... I enjoy the occassional adult and I stress adult woman ... walking down the street in "stripper" clothes ... hey, I'm a guy ... *sigh* I'm a dog sometimes ... I admit it ... can't deny it ...

    ... Have a Good One Everyone!!! ...

  3. Manoa Mist:

    Uh, is this a trick question Cat?

  4. Cat:

    I mean adult women. But that raises another issue: adult women dressing like teenage girls. I mean, there's something to be said for age-appropriate clothing. But then there's just class and appropriateness. I'm all for people expressing themselves through fashion. But sometimes you should consider the motive for wearing what you wear. Are you doing it for attention? Are you doing it to prove a point? Or do you just really enjoy wearing whatever it is you just put on?

  5. turk fontaine:

    yes,young girls are dressing like strippers. yes. you are getting old.

  6. raiderh808:

    Hey M,

    You're daughter is 23... that's her choice!

  7. (Jesse) James:


    LOL...I'm with Manoa, is this a trick question???

    I also don't recall girls dressing like the way they do today when I was younger. They were more into the whole Madonna look with the lace and glove and stuff...I guess it is all relative. I'm sure our parents thought wearing bikinis to the beach was too provocative too...

    However, I think young girls should wear age appropriate dress and shouldn't be encouraged to show it to speak...

    I have to agree with rayboyjr though that I don't mind seeing adult women who dress sexy...and that doesn't always mean showing off everything either.

    My gripe has to do with women who dress sexy/provocatively and than complain or get upset when men look at them in that certain way. There was a bunch of us at a club once and a woman had a "stripper" type look. All my friends and I were looking at her like that and she looked at us and was like, "What are you guys looking at?" and seemed genuinely irritated that we were looking/staring at her. Sheesh, if you are going to wear those types of clothes out in public, you are going to get attention....

  8. jojo ®:

    oooh, good topic. I try to regulate what my 13 y.o. daughter wears, but there are more important things to fret/argue about than that. I just tell her that the dirty old man is looking at her. Not exactly the attention she wants. Kind of funny when she gets tired of something, she gives it to me or my sister.

  9. ellis:

    Back in the 60's and 70's, girls wore skimpy halter tops (braless) and hip-hugger (painted-on, as Bob Seger would say) jeans to school - not much different than today. Oh! and tube tops the size of rubber bands. i wonder if these same girls are now parents that allow their daughters to dress like strippers?

  10. Jeanne:

    I've noticed a disturbing trend to sexualize little girls for a few years now. I see girls who appear to be under the age of 10 wearing shoes that heels (not the saddle oxfords of my day) and revealing, skimpy, sexy clothes. Some of these sexualized children are very young - maybe 4 or 5 years old.

  11. Sam Urai:

    My solution to get rid of the slutty teenage girl look it so have all public schools have mandatory wearing of a school T-shirt. This will apply to all students, boys and girls alike and will eliminate the horrible looking tops that almost bare all except the nipples.

    This will save parents money for clothing and have less competition among the girls for dressing provocatively with the intent of attracting attention.

    They can act and dress like strippers in the privacy of their homes!!!!

  12. Rosette:

    somebody need to spend some time in the nude beach! NO COMPETITION THERE let it all hang out..omg funny!

  13. Rosette:

    yes go buy veil and tarp! if you keep to yourself you wont notice what the next person is wearing...OMG!

  14. Rosette:

    the reason why some females dress younger is becasue they miss the boat of wearing skimpy outfit then one day DARN IT they go crazy too late all they show off your old wrinkle parts......omg!

    yes so show off some wrinkles take a picture it last longer..OH DEAR!

  15. Rosette:

    if you see a old lady in kids clothes MIDLIFE CRISIS!

  16. Kel:

    I regulate what my 12 year old wears pretty strictly. She goes to a middle school that has a pretty strict dress code so that's easy. On weekends, she prefers to wear what I call "Hot Topic"-type clothing. I think it's just her personality. I try to teach her that you can dress modestly and still be attractive. IMHO, parents set the example for the kids. Much to my hubby's chagrin, I still get hit on (at 40!) and I know I don't dress hootchie.

  17. Ken Conklin:

    I agree with (Jesse) James. And jojo. I freely confess to being a dirty old man. So I'm very happy to check out whatever any female of any age wants to show me. And if they do show me, then there's no way they have any "standing" to complain when I actually do look. I try not to leer or drool, but such restraint is sometimes difficult. So Moms: copy my comment and post it on the mirror in your daughter's room (and your own room!); and maybe it will work as a deterrent to slutty outfits.

  18. J:

    I was at a wake that was standing room only. There was a younger girl standing outside by the doorway on an elevated walkway. Her dress was so short, she was flashing anyone and everyone who was behind her. I'm not sure how she left the house without a word from her parents (she was standing next to a woman who appeared to be her mother). Bad enough for most occasions...but to a wake? She was a little uncomfortable after a bit, had to keep trying to hold her dress down every time there was the slightest breeze...

    Yeah, some females need to learn that there is a difference between dressing attractively and dressing to attract. If you don't want the guys looking at porn, stop trying to undress like a star...

  19. oldshoes:

    i'll definately sign the petition for. But in what stage of dress in the stripper's act are we referring to?

  20. oldshoes:

    Hope you feel better. You really didnt miss too much by waking up late this morning...the sun still rose in the east(i was told). Anyways, this really isnt anything new...only the faces have changed. Otherwise, they'd all be in mumus, OR going further back-fig leaves. Its the tatoos(tramp stamps) that are new,in bad taste and gotta go...imo.

  21. oldshoes:

    AND one more there an equal uproar over plus-size women wearing g-strings and the like?

  22. About Time:

    Uh oh, first sign of Cat being pregnant with dem twins!

  23. Patrick:

    What's next, complaining about the music these darn kids listen to? And you! Get off my lawn, you no good kid!

  24. Sam Urai:

    Dress like a stripper, act like a stripper, and graduate with that degree. Lots of bars looking for a few good strippers-good luck girls!!!

  25. guest:

    I agree with the men, if your going to flaunt it then don't get mad when we drool. And I do leer and undress and fantasize oh yes. I especially like the trend at the beach now of the brazillian bikini. Oh wow it's so hot! The daisy dukes also seem to be making a big comeback. Forget the low rise I like to see cheeks when you smile.

  26. Annoddah Dave:


    Is there a difference between dressing like a stripper and a slut? I agree with old shoes, tattoos on a woman is really sad. Just imagine the Venus di Milo with tattoos or even September Morn....picture Whistler's Mother with tattoos that's what a lot of girls today will look like!

  27. smilinpat:

    aloha Cat -hope you're feeling better-This is a great topic. It may be as simple as a sign of
    volatile times. Liz Claiborne, a popular women's brand since 1976, went extinct today,
    according to
    As time speeds up and brands multiply, and with "mix and match" in style, folks of any age can impact the world in the fashion they see fit (pun intended). Cheers!

  28. jaydee:

    Some things never change. When I was younger (I'm 55), girls were dressing with micro-mini skirts in the 7th and 8th grade. In high school, the "bra-less" look was in along with low-riding hip-hugger jeans. I remember going to a festival in Diamond Head Crater (Santana) in the early 70's and there were a lot of girls "swinging" free and easy. Some things change and some things will always stay the same.

  29. kanakakuuna:

    young girls ought 2 dress like young girls and not like strippers. older girls and younger women in high school or college ought 2 dress appropriately.

  30. Scott Goold:

    Aloha Cat ~
    This type of talk makes you OLD! Every generation of parents believes their lolo kids are self-destructing.

    Personally, I DIG the cool, out-of-this-world fashions. Like, they're righteously fab!

    Yet these felines give me da stink eye ... I'm too ancient. They're pimpin' local style for boys (and other girls) in their age cohort.

    Let's put this in perspective. Our young ladies strut their goods because they're trying to compete. Women who are FINE attract more braddahs. Young ladies see this. They want to be a star as well.

    Boys get da kine by jammin' a basketball or cruisin' up in a spiffy hotrod. Young ladies gotsta be fashionistas - hunks don't gawk at a young lady because she can dunk! LOL

    BTW, I used all these nifty words because of your column today. My favorite seldom-used word is pop, as in soda or Coke.

    "Hey, grab me a pop!"

    Don't hear that much any more. Hope you're feeling better!


  31. Shoko:

    Haha, Scott. You gettin gold, braddah.

  32. James:

    This is a timely topic.

    Talked to my eighty-four year old cousin on the phone the other night who complained about his pretty granddaughter from Japan attending KCC. She wears skimpy skirts like in his own exact words, " a prostitute". He said even his neighbors make disapproving comments. She chose KCC to live where the action is in Waikiki. He is totally disgusted and concerned, but helpless. Is there a dress code at KCC that can keep these young women in line? Maybe these young women should be told before anything bad happens. What is permissible in Japan is frowned in Hawaii. She will catch your eye in school. Maybe she already did because this will be her second year at KCC.

    When she came to Hilo dressed like that for my grandson's first birthday, I thought she was smartly dressed and pretty chic and did not see anything wrong. I did not even give it a second thought until now when he brought it up. Maybe it is all in the eyes of the beholder and my cousin is overly concerned and too protective.

  33. Shari Patterson:

    I don't agree with those who say only "old" people are complaining about something like this. I am in my 20's and feel the same. I have a 12 year-old step-daughter who dresses like a complete "hoochie," but yet I have no control over it because she is my STEP-daughter. Her grandmother (the purchaser of this slutty clothing), is close to 70 years of age. She also dresses extremely provocatively, to the point that it's disgusting! How do they not see that their breasts are completely exposed and need to cover up? Its beyond me!

  34. Scott Goold:

    Mahalo Shoko! : )