FUUD: Sunny Side Bakery in Wahiawa

September 4th, 2009

Sunny Side Bakery in Wahiawa is literally legendary.

My mom had co-workers that would find any excuse to be in the area to pick up some of the bakery's famous homemade pies.

I've known people who make the trek out to Wahiawa just for the fried rice.

So you know I had to check it out for myself.

Outside the hard-to-find bakery on Kilani Avenue.

There's a convenient take-out window for folks who are just picking up some of the bakery's famous homemade pies.

Inside the bakery is a dining area that sees a steady stream of customers throughout the day.

Some of the pies — from apple to double-crusted banana — are stored in this old-fashioned display case.

Or you can find slices in this throwback case at the counter. So nostalgic.

While the pies are what the bakery is most known for, the breakfast served here is also worth noting.

The fried rice, in particular, is a draw. In fact, that — along with the pies — were the sole reason we drove out to the North Shore one morning to dawn patrol at Chun's. (OK, so we were there to surf, too. But that was a close second to breakfast at Sunny Side.)

The fried rice special ($5.75) comes with a hefty portion of rice, one egg any style and a grilled hot dog.

The bakery doesn't skimp on the fried rice, which boasts onions, Spam and bacon. For $5.75, that's a steal.

The grilled hot dog was a nice surprise.

You can also get a traditional breakfast with eggs, meat and hash browns ($5.50). Love that rectangular shape!

Another popular breakfast item here is the hot cakes ($3.50). Look at how light and fluffy they are!

And, of course, we had to sample the pies.

The bakery has daily specials. Sadly, one of its most popular — the blueberry cream pie — wasn't available. Instead, we tried the peach cream pie.

The peach cream isn't as good as the blueberry cream — but you can't beat the homemade crust and flavors. And at $1.50 a slice — or $8.50 for the entire pie — you can't go wrong!

People drive miles out of their way for Sunny Side's chocolate cream pie.

The sweet chocolate layer perfects balances the pudding cream on the bottom. One reviewer called it a "pie-gasm experience."

I wound up buying two pies to take home. I figured I wouldn't come out to Wahiawa again for awhile.

Or would I?

I guess that depends on how much I crave that chocolate cream pie!

Sunny Side Bakery, 1017 Kilani Ave. in Wahiawa. Phone: 621-7188. Cash only.


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20 Responses to “FUUD: Sunny Side Bakery in Wahiawa”

  1. oldshoes:

    Thanks for making that trip....those pictures are just awesome. Job well done.

  2. oldshoes:

    Thanks for making that trip....those pictures are just awesome. Job well done.

  3. oldshoes:

    Hi Cat! Hmm,what happened? My first comment was so nice it posted twice? Speaking of twice,your multiple pie-gasm experiene convinced me.They gotta be awesome if u took 2 for the road. What flavors did u take home? I just know you're going back for that bluberry creme pie!Call ahead and have them hold one for u. I just may take the rest.Blueberry is my favorite. Thanks again for sharing.

  4. maxcat:

    Looks really good.

  5. paulh:

    I liked the food better when the original owners were there. Now that it has new owners, I haven't been back as much but they have expanded the menu a bit and are open longer hours which is a plus.

  6. βρεω808:


    Cat loves hot dogs.... :lol:

  7. M:

    Good morning Cat!

    Happy Fuud friday!

    I haven't been to Sunny Side in such a long time, thanks for reminding me how good that place is.

    Happy Lador day weekend to you and everyone else!

  8. guest:

    Those food pics look almost as good as Malika, Amber, Cat and Akana.

  9. labrat:

    Oh, oh i am in trouble now. I usually go there to get the Blueberry Cream Pie. Got to go early before they run out. Now everybody knows.

  10. D:

    I just love the double crust banana pie. I would drive there just for that. It is best to put in an order then they will have it for sure.

  11. matt:

    Sunside's Fried Rice is awesome! we go there at 6 in the morning just for that.

  12. thruster:

    How in the world do you eat like that and still stay thin?

    Simply amazing!!

  13. snow:

    mmm... i've never seen that chocolate cream pie before... i've only had the one that's all chocolate, which is good, too! breakfast looks good... maybe i'll have to make a stop in wahiawa to eat at sunnyside! thanks cat!

  14. turk fontaine:

    I like Sunny Side. Wahiawa has the best McD's too

  15. Kage:

    I grew up and still live out on that side of the island. I shame to admit I hardly ever go to Sunny Side. But when I do, I really enjoy it.

  16. rayboyjr:

    ... wow ... love Sunny Side!!! ...

    ... funny thing is, I've ordered lots of pies from there, but have never ever been there ... friends or co-workers always make the trip down there to pick up for everyone else ...

    ... seeing the pics of Sunny Side is so weird!!! ... it's like I know the place, but I don't really ... almost like meeting someone the first time after you've only been talking over the phone or chatting on the internet ...

    ... but I love the chocolate pies ... love chocolate anything ... :D

  17. Manoa Mist:

    Hi Cat.
    Used to work in the haunted building right across Sunny Side where the District Court uses the main portion of that building now. Sunny Side pies used to be only $5 a piece. Only thing wrong with the food was they didn't give enough if you were really hungry, but overall great food and great deal.
    Nice people too, and once a year they'd all take off and go to Vegas for a month.
    Those, were the days.

  18. Rodney:

    but I gotta ask... You want fries with that? :lol: :wink:

  19. HNL2LAS:

    Ohhh I love the Sunnyside chocolate pie! I've never eaten fuud there...or any other flavored pies, but the fried rice looks so ono, I'm gonna have to make a trip out there soon!

  20. oldshoes:

    no Labor Day blog? Well,it is a holiday...take the day off. Have fun.