Omiyage from O'ahu

June 22nd, 2009

The glazed donuts and cream puffs from Komoda Store and Bakery on Maui.

Noodles and lilikoi chiffon pie from Hamura's Saimin Stand on Kaua'i.

Hot bread from Kanemitsu Bakery on Moloka'i.

Strawberry mochi from Two Ladies Kitchen in Hilo.

O'ahu folks know what to get when they travel to the Neighbor Islands — and what to bring back as omiyage (gifts given by someone returning from a trip).

But what do we bring from O'ahu to friends and families on the other islands?

It used to be Napples from Zippy's , but there's now one in Wailuku, Maui. And there's always manapua from Char Hung Sut in Chinatown or Coco Puffs from Liliha Bakery.

But is there anything else?

And what else are popular omiyage from the Neighbor Islands?


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39 Responses to “Omiyage from O'ahu”

  1. Ron:

    Good dim sum is always welcome. Also, baked manapua from Royal Kitchen.

  2. Ron:

    Zippy's is in Kahului. That area used to be a cane field many years ago. Also from Oahu is anpan from Liliha Bakery. Anna Millers has fresh strawberry pie while it's in season, but it's hard to make it past a plane ride.

  3. Ron:

    From Maui, there's Kitch'n Cook'd potato chips -- the original Maui potato chips. And, if you're adventurous enough, you can bring home Tasaka Guri-Guri. I'm not mentioning the others.

  4. Annoddah Dave:


    What about the manju from Lawai on Kauai? Also there is a rather popular maki sushi and inari sushi place on Maui? Sorry, I don't know the names but have eaten their products. Maybe some of your bloggers will know. While Char Hun Sut is well known, one should bring stuff from Aiea Manapua because they have more variety such as Lup Cheong, Kalua Pig, etc. Guud stuff!

  5. Matt the Cat:

    Manapua and pork hash are always gladly accepted by outer islanders. Not much else besides that anymore.

  6. Ynaku:

    From Big Island

    Two Ladies Kitchen mochi (yeah those humungous Strawberry Mochi are da bomb)
    Big Island Candy (close to the airport)
    Big Island Delight Cookies, pies and goodies (Close to the airport too)
    Maebo Noodles One Ton Chips
    Atebara Potato, sweet potato or taro chips
    Hilo Lunch Shop Cone and maki sushi, nori chicken, fried chicken etc.

    From Oahu
    I bring home Napples and See's candy. Manapua is good.
    My Oahu friend brought some from this place in Aiea. Whoa the half moons and pork hash was huge and plenty filling. The manapua too was so good.
    Shirokiya goodies are nice Omiyage.

    I love this custom :P

  7. M:

    Good Morning Cat!

    Back at work after a week on vacation. Lots of work piled up. :(

    Manapua and din sum is what I bring to my brother in Kona.

  8. James:

    Add to your Oahu omiyage list: Ani's sweetbread, Betty's cookies, arare from Shirokiya or Wholesale outlets, senbei and mangoes when in season. These are aditional omiyage I receive from my Oahu friends and relatives. My favorite is Char Hung Sut's manapua. The taro cake is a winner. I bring home manapua for myself when I am on Oahu.

  9. EMM386:

    My family likes the hot ham and mushroom sandwich from Magoo's, since there's no Magoo's in Hilo anymore. Even when they were a restaurant and not a bus, the sandwich wasn't quite the same as the one in Hilo, but I think nostalgia is driving the bus, not the taste.

  10. 808poet:

    Brownies from Kilani Bakery in Wahiawa. Ham rolls, hot dog rolls, etc. from Saint Germain Bakery. I would say Leonard's malasadas, but I'm not sure if they'd still taste good when you get to a neighbor island. You could bring back Big Island cookies from Hilo and something from Tip Top on Kauai. Oh yes, opihi is always great from the Big Island!

  11. Ynaku:

    shhh, no tell about the Big Island opihi. Dats for special people :lol: Oh yeah, you guys are special

  12. oldshoes:

    Anything from the electronics section in Shirokiya.

  13. che:

    I have an aunty on Kauai who asks us for seed from Wholesale Unlimited.

    I like to receive Big Island Candy or Hamura Saimin noodles.

  14. Jishinda:

    oldshoes:no moa electronics at Shirokiya anymoa.

    Anyone going to the big island can bring me won ton chips!!

  15. Jorge:

    Samoan Crab and Tako from Oahu.

  16. HNL2LAS:

    Ted's bakery or Sunnyside pies!

    ynaku: I caught that....hehe you good omiyage?

  17. Kage:

    My bro on Maui used to take home the sesame candy with macnuts before that place in Chinatown closed.

    Not much else you can take that they do not have on the other islands. He now takes back manapua and other dim sum.

  18. jay:

    What is the word for the opposite of omiyage? That is, something the traveller brings to the place visited, as opposed to something that is brought home.

  19. zzzzzz:

    No good manapua places on Maui (I don't think they have on Lana'i either), so any good manapua is good omiyage.

    Ani's sweet potato pie is good too.

  20. maxcat:

    Tea cakes from Shirokiya. Ditto the dim sum, but I would go to Legend for it. Hmm, Kimchee from Queen's market.

  21. CVA:

    Try the Smoke Tako & Marlin at Ono Seafood on Kapahulu Ave.
    Located in the same parking lot as American Savings, next to the Shell Service Station.
    Royal Kitchen has several different flavors of manapua and
    dim sum to go. They'll put tin foil in the boxes to keep them nice & warm.

  22. World Wide Ed:

    Awesome subject Cat. Wish I thought of it first. :P I have to agree with 808poet's "Brownies from Kilani Bakery in Wahiawa," and HNL2LAS's "Sunnyside pies!" Also gotta go with maybe a Zip Pac or two from Zips. I like the Peanut "Braddah" cookies from KTA and brownie mochi from Two Ladies in Hilo, anything from Home Maid in Maui, and yeah, the Lilikoi Chiffon Pie from Hamura's in Kauai. And like Ron said, I heard you can bring back Guri Guri from Tasaka's. I wonder if you can bring a slice or two back from Brick Oven Pizza (Kauai)? Might make the whole plane jealous though! *grin*

  23. joekalihi:


  24. Ynaku:

    @HNL2LAS :P

  25. oldshoes:

    Oh no.When did that happen.? i'm always the last to know.Now its just a distant memory.Whats next...close down the WAve and build a condo?Say it aint so.*sigh*

  26. Rodney:

    @maxcat - kim chee from Queen's? Why no throw in a half pan of garlic chicken from Sugio's and really stink up the airplane. :lol:

    I know when going to Las Wages, islanders take local coffee for the pit bosses and slot hostesses who got them the free room and meals. Chocolate Mac Nuts goes over good too.

    Did anyone think of taking Toong Mai from Chinatown? Or does the neighbor islands have that?

  27. snow:

    from oahu:
    chi chi dango or the other mochi and manji from nisshido
    cupcakes from cake coutour or hokulani
    sweet potato crumbles from mitsuba

    from big island:
    frank's foods smoked pork, pipikaula or pork butt (my uncle used to bring this back for us all the time - yum!)
    mrs. barry's kona cookies (mmm... so good! just like homemade, if you baked that good!)

  28. turk fontaine:

    I am humbled by all of you knowlegeable people. And I'm taking notes and getting hungry.

  29. Tahoe-gal:

    My sister has sent lots of packaged local stuff, including senbei, preserved seeds and fruits, coffees, taro pancake mixes, chutney, cookies, etc., but what gets my my mouth watering big time is something she brought on a visit that I have never had before. It's thin squares of dark brown dried fish (cuttlefish?) in a package which has a Korean reddish brown chili-n-sesame sauce. It is so sticky and savory that you just have to lick your fingers after each piece. She can't remember where she found it and I'm doomed to drooling at the memory.

  30. groovyd:

    there is better dim sum available than what's at char hung sut. my family likes the baked char siu bao (ie. manapua) from happy days in kaimuki, sweetbread from ani's, and the spanish rolls from nanding (used to be on gulick.)

  31. wicked:

    Ynaku pretty much listed everything I was thinking of from the Big island. There's also malasada from Tex Drive in, but good luck making that one last the 60 min. drive to Hilo and the plane ride back!

    From Oahu, I once brought home Beard papa's cream puffs. Those were really good!

  32. wicked:

    oh, forgot mention anything baked by Miriam's. It's sold under the Mountain Apple brand at KTA, but you can catch her at the Kinoole St. Farmer's Market in Hilo. There's Aaron's cookies (at same Farmer's Market) -- he uses ulu in his stiff. Hilo Homemade Icecream in their hand packed tubs are good too.

  33. Jishinda:

    Jay:you still call it omiyage.

  34. AllAboutTheDip:

    I've recently started bringing loads of spinach and artichoke dip with pita bread from CPK back with me to Maui as well as the low carb cheesecake from Cheesecake Factory. The hubby usually stocks up on pastele. Of course, this is all for our own consumption, and leave the manapua and dim sum for our omiyage.

  35. klip92:

    Creamhorns from Stillwell's Bakery and Cafe in Wailuku, Maui.

    Chocolate peanut butter mochi from Maui Specialty Chocolates.

  36. Alumni83:

    Don't forget da Rainbow Bread from Hilo. Gotta take the glazed donuts from Ted's Bakery to those not fortunate to live on the North Shore of Oahu.

  37. Capitol -ist/WassupDoc:

    Any of the goodies from Agnes' Bakery in Kailua - they make an incredible cinnamon roll about the size Mike Tyson's fist. Alas, malassadas really have to been eaten within an hour after coming out of the oil.

  38. jamrus:

    Brought up Ani's sweetbread loaves to Portland, OR a few weeks ago. Returned with a bunch of Trader Joe's snacks in that same Ani's cardboard box. Its a pretty solid cardboard box designed to keep those tender and soft loaves safe with a carrying handle and just the right size to stow in the overhead bin. Ono omiyage with a great traveling box that you can reuse.

  39. mrs.:

    from kaua'i...
    manju from lawai menehune food mart (lawai)
    chocolate opihi's from kauai chocolate company (port allen)
    cinammon rolls from kauai bakery (kukui grove)
    poke from ishihara market (waimea)
    poi from makaweli poi factory (waimea)
    kulolo from kapaa poi factory (kapaa)
    cone sushi from ara's (hanamaulu)
    cookies from kauai kookie that they dont sell in walmart (hanapepe)
    you got hamura's i'll stop here...